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Strength Coach

I haven’t seen a person who is a high performer but who looks like shit. Performance and good looking body always go hand in hand and that’s why you should put your performance always first.

Do you want to put your performance first and reach your full potential all while having a well-functioning body? Do you want to gain your strength and conditioning to the next level and reduce injuries at the same time with sport specific training and nutrition? Do you want more kilos in squat, bench press and deadlift? Apply to my coaching program and make it happen!

I only want to work with passionate people who are ready to take action. In Rebel Lifters our philosophy is to educate and empower our clients to make long-term lifestyle changes. Even with high-level athletes we always put your health first and because of that, we provide you the safest and healthiest road possible to reach your goal (this is not maybe the fastest way to do things but in that way, you are able to compete through your lifetime). NO marathon training sessions, NO food restrictions, NO same plan for everyone.
Anu Marin

Anu Marin

Sports Nutritionist, Strength coach, Author

Anu Marin is a strength and conditioning coach and a nutritionist whose mission is to help driven people, personal trainers, and athletes to become strong, perform better and live an athletic lifestyle. Her career began in 2011 as a health and a lifestyle coach after graduating from Vuokatti Sport Academy (she has Further Qualification in Physical Education). She has published two non-fiction books in Finland. After making an impact on the health and lifestyle world, Anu has grown into a person who helps athletes at every level in their career. In 2017 she and her husband opened a private gym for athletes called Rebel Lifters where they coach athletes and educate sport specific training and nutrition for personal trainers.

  • Vocational Qualification in Business and Administration
  • Vuokatti Sport Academy: Further Qualification in Physical Education
  • Trainer4you: Personal trainer
  • Poliquin International Certification Program level 1 & 2
  • Precision Nutrition level 1
  • Finnish Institute of Health and Fitness: Nutrition Coach
  • Kilo Strength Society: Sport Specific Training Camp
  • Nick Winkelman: The Invisible Edge
  • Finnish Weightlifting Federation: Weightlifting coach level 1
  • Finnish Weightlifting Federation: Kettlebell coach level 1
  • University of Helsinki: Basics of Human Nutrition 25cr
  • University of Eastern Finland: Basics of Sports Nutrition 30 cr
  • University of Eastern Finland: Basics of Public Health 25cr
  • And many more…

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